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Interested in tapirs?

The Tapir Gallery: What are tapirs and why are they interesting? "Four species of tapir inhabit the planet today. All of them are endangered."

Woodland Park Zoo Seattle/U.S.A.: Endangered Malayan tapir calf born. Check out the slide show and the videos about its birth, the neo-natal examination and how he looked 3 weeks after birth.

The Seattle Times (U.S.A.): Someone just told me that the baby tapir (the third of three over the last years) at the Seattle Zoo died. It's sad. Their first one had pneumonia, which may have come from a genetic factor in the parents. They're not sure what the problem is. It seems they were lucky to raise the second calf. I see that the zoo has taken their link down. I wish I'd copied the videos first!.

Other tapir references:

Jungle Walk!: Collection of videos, audios, sites (links) and photos.

DigiMorph - 3D Skeleton Movies: Thanks to Dr. Matthew Colbert of the University of Texas at Austin you can see a tapir's skull in different versions: Slice Movies: Coronal, Horizontal and Sagittal. Skeleton Only: Roll, Pitch and Yaw. Dynamic Cutaway: Coronal.

Skulls Unlimited International, Inc.: Believe it or not - This company sells reproductiuons of skulls of the Brazilian Tapir, Baird's Tapir and the Malayan Tapir.

The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine about the Malayan Tapir: Comparative Placentation.

Animal Neotropical - Tapir Shop: Zoology 101 Malayan Tapir. 21 Inches Long. Plush. Item Number C120495. Price US$40.00.

Animal Neotropical - Tapir Shop: Non profit organization for protection, investigation and documentation of animal-life and nature of Neotropical zone.

Stuffed Ark - Buy a great stuffed tapir: Detailed soft plush. A story hang tag tells about tapirs. 12 Inches Long. Item Number LC25008. Price US$16.50

Stonehaven Minerals: A Tapir tooth (sold) - Pleistocene Period, Luizhou, Guangxi Prov., China. Order: Perissodactyla, Species: Tapirus Sinensis. A 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2 cm partial tapir tooth. About half of the enamel and root is visible.

Fossil Web - Resources: Tapir fossils (among others).

Dr. Stefan Seitz's Tapir Site: Tapir Informationen auf Deutsch.

Tapir.us: Der Tapir - Informationen über ein urzeitliches Tier von André Dalchow

TapirsSoft über "Der Tapir im Alltagsleben": Die Darstellung folgt weitgehend dem Tierreich nach Brehm in der Überarbeitung von Prof. Dr. Rietschel et al., Hamburg s. a.; zusätzliche Informationen sind Band 2 der Enzyklopädie der Tiere von Wilhelm Eigener, Herrsching 1977, entnommen.

Zoo Duisburg (Deutschland): Ein wenig über den Flachlandtapir.

"Die kleine Hexe und der Zauberer": ""Du willst wirklich unbedingt von den alten Hexen-Klischees weg, nicht wahr? Von wegen Hexen haben höchstens einen Raben auf der Schulter oder die schwarze Katze auf dem Buckel...... Oder wurschteln mit Spinnenbeinen und Schlangenschwänzen herum, Zaubertrank und so..... Aber du bist anders. Du hast einen Tapir!", schwang der junge Zauberer seine humorvolle Rede, die der kleinen Hexe ein lautes Lachen entlockte."

The United States National Agricultural Library: Tapirs (Tapiridae): A Bibliography by Kay A. Kenyon, Librarian. National Zoological Park Branch. Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Washington, D.C. Date: September 1988. Last Update: November 1995. All references are listed under one of the following headings: Anatomy/Taxonomy, Natural History/Wild, General, Captive Husbandry/Exhibit Design, Reproduction and Breeding, Nutrition, Veterinary/Pathology, Genetics and Demography, Conservation.

The Chaffee Zoo/Fresno, California (U.S.A.): All about the Malayan Tapir I.

San Francisco Zoo/California (U.S.A.): All about Baird’s Tapir.

Canadian Museum of Nature: "Tapirs indices. Endangered." Nice picture

Animal Info.org about the Malayan Tapir: Profile (Picture), Tidbits, Status and Trends (IUCN Categories, Countries Where Currently Found, History of Distribution, Threats/Reasons for Decline), Data on Biology and Ecology (Weight, Habitat, Age to Maturity, Gestation Period, Birth Season, Birth Rate, Early Development, Maximum Age, Diet, Behavior, Social Organization, Density/Range) and References.

Study Area - Baird's Tapir Project: "Corcovado National Park (41 sq. kilometers) is located on the southwestern coast of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Created in 1975, Corcovado represents the largest remaining tract of lowland tropical rainforest in Central America and supports an estimated 500 tree, 367 bird, 140 mammal, 51 amphibian and 64 reptile species. In 1998, Charles Foerster estimated a population of between 308 and 498 Baird's tapirs in the park (0.74-1.19 tapirs per square km) based on home range size and overlap of five tapirs. ".

Jerry's Junk Yard about the Malayan Tapir: All about the Malayan Tapir II.

Tapir.org: "What is a tapir?" Please also check Tapir Photos and Zoo Man's account of tapir.

Enchanted Learning about the Brazilian or Lowland Tapir: Some information about tapirs. For kids.

Gdf Cartophily, cigarette cards, prints & advertising memorabilia: 8 different tapir cards.

Absurdgalleriet (Absurd Gallery): Look for the "Avistapir".

Tribal Tapir: "Two things you see once in a blue moon in fantasy art--tapirs, and fat chicks. I wanted to combine the two. The funny bit is that I think that, despite the extra pounds she's packing, she's still attractive (I mean, for a tapir." And they even have a shop!

Kazuya Akimoto Temporary Art Museum: "Tapir" (60cm x 60cm), ink.

Kirsten Anderson - Shockwave Stuff: The Tapir Game: The tapir is one of the most underappreciated animals in the world, so this may well be the very first tapir game ever. Test your reflexes as you help the legendary "Dream Eater" catch his dinner.

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