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Stamp 1

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Block A of stamp 2 (cut)

(Full Image Size: 93 KB)
Stamp 2 (cut)

(Full Image Size: 135 KB)

Block B of stamp 2

(Full Image Size: 76 KB)
Stamp 2

(Full Image Size: 93 KB)

Block of stamp 32

(Full Image Size: 75 KB)
Stamp 32

(Full Image Size: 91 KB)

Block of stamp 3

(Full Image Size: 159 KB)
Stamp 3

(Full Image Size: 81 KB)

Most of the above stamps, prints, the card etc. were auctioned at eBay or at eBay.de.

What tapir items are currently available at eBay?

Please also check my tapir boomerangs (boomerangs 1, 2 and 6), made by Patrick Cardiff (CardiffEliot [at] hotmail .com) and Siegfried Stiller and the tapir tooth fossil I got from eBay.

Why the tapir?

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